Continuing Education

Need an Educational, Yet Entertaining
CE Presentation?

A Dose of Healthcare Humor by David Glickman

60-Minute CE Presentation

David Glickman’s signature program, “A Dose of Healthcare Humor” may be presented for Continuing Education credit. This program is designed to serve as a tool for stress reduction in the healthcare workplace. By examining the humor that can be extrapolated from even the most stressful work-related scenarios, the attendees will discover how to “look for the humor” when faced with these situations.


Attendee will learn how to “find the funny” in stressful work situations.

Content Outline

Teaching Methods

Lecture, with a wide variety of tools, including everything from demonstrative props to sing-along memory builders.

Evaluation Methods

Written evaluation

To hire David Glickman for your next event, contact him at 813-964-8283