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More than Just a Funny Healthcare Speaker…

David Glickman Engages Audiences with a Mix of Laugh-Out-Loud Humor, Uplifting Energy and Hilarious Song Parodies

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No matter what type of conference or event you’re planning, you can make it a hit with David Glickman’s hilarious program, “A Dose of Healthcare Humor. When you hire David, you’re getting a whole lot more than funny healthcare speaker—you’re getting a total entertainment package. It’s got observational humor, funny visuals and props, hilarious song parodies, and a big “rock and roll” finish!

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FAQs (Answered by David)

How long is the “A Dose Of Healthcare Humor” program?

It can be very flexible, depending on your needs. When I’m booked for a keynote performance, the program typically runs 60 minutes. The maximum length is 75 minutes. If you’re using me as an after-lunch or after-dinner speaker, those programs seem to work best between 35 and 45 minutes. We can strategize together what works best for your event.

Can we spread the program throughout our agenda?

Absolutely! I can break the program into very short segments, even as short as two or three minutes, and sprinkle them throughout your event. This can be very effective if you’ve got a very ‘heavy’ agenda and need some ‘comic relief’ to lighten things up and re-energize the audience. And as long as the program is all in the same day, there is typically NO EXTRA CHARGE for me to do that.

Are you able to Emcee our event for us?

Again, absolutely! If your agenda includes items other than my program—awards, introductions, announcements, other speeches—I’m happy to do that. I have served as emcee for hundreds of events and can ensure that your agenda is facilitated in both a professional and entertaining fashion. And, again, there is NO EXTRA CHARGE for me to be your Emcee.

What is my role in the research for your customization?

It’s pretty simple. I like to have a telephone call with you—the call is typically less than an hour. (I then follow-up with my own additional research on the internet, etc.)

You may want to have several people from your group on the phone call, but I suggest you keep it to a maximum of three. Much more than that and it becomes difficult to hear and decipher everyone’s input.

You’ll see a Pre-Program Questionnaire on the site — but you don’t have to fill it out! It’s only here so that you can have an idea of the kind of questions I’ll be asking you. I use it as the guide for my phone call with you.

FYI—Some clients enjoy filling out the questionnaire—and if that’s the case, go for it! However, I’ll still want to have a phone call with you to clarify some of your answers.

What kind of Audio-Visual requirements do you have?

Download AV Requirements.

How much do you charge for your program?

I don’t post my fees on my website, because every booking situation is different. While there is a base fee that I typically quote for most programs, there are many factors that can enter into securing a date for an event. Travel logistics, schedules, lead times, multiple bookings, early payment, referrals, and videotaping are just some of the items that can enter into negotiating a fee.

But a simple e-mail or phone call to our office will get you your pricing quickly!

We’re nervous about the idea of using “healthcare humor.” Isn’t it real risky at a corporate function?

It could be risky if you were to use 95% of the comedians working today. They have little or no experience in front of corporate audiences and often revert back to their ‘comedy club’ performance mentality.

But your event is safe with me! I’m a professional speaker. I’ve spent the last fifteen years working exclusively in the corporate market, presenting “G- rated” humor programs for very diverse and conservative audiences. I have a stellar reputation in the healthcare industry, which I couldn’t have earned if there was any risk in my using inappropriate humor.

Can we get a copy of the demo video that’s here on the website to show to our committee?

Of course! Just call us or e-mail us and request a copy of the DVD demo of “A Dose of Healthcare Humor”. We’ll mail one right out to you.

David’s Designations

Certified Speaking ProfessionalCSP—Certified Speaking Professional

The Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, conferred by the National Speakers Association, is the speaking profession’s international measure of professional platform competence. David is a CSP and is an active member of the National Speakers Association.

Association for Applied and Therapeutic HumorMember of the Association for Applied and Theraputic Humor

The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH) is an international community of humor and laughter professionals and enthusiasts. David is an active member of AATH.

Healthcare Professionals Are Raving About David Glickman

David Glickman is America’s funniest healthcare speaker!

– Barry Asch, President
Society for Radiation Oncology Administrators

Your hilarious approach generated POSITIVE ENERGY and laughter. You were the highlight of this quarterly meeting.

– Kim Rose, Assistant Director Marketing and Public Relations
Shands HealthCare

Fantastic! The rave reviews are still coming in. You definitely have your finger on the pulse of the industry!

– Judy Casper, Project Specialist
Health First, Inc.

Right on target! We have had so many compliments on the dinner.

– Barbara Davis, Director of Medical Services
Winter Park Memorial Hospital

You certainly know how to operate on the funny bone!

– Michael A. Wasylik, M.D., President
Hillsborough County Medical Association

Superb, very funny! The Wonderful ending to a great three-day program. You were a hit!

– Margaret Robertson, Speaker’s Coordinator
Carolinas Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy

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